Fireplace Redesigns for 2022

Before pic Cape May Potbelly Stove | Distinctive Interior Designs | Cape May NJ
As we all sit inside trying to warm up during these chilly winter months, we get toasty and we gaze longingly at our fireplace.  Some of us like what we see (warm flames), and some of us can’t stand what we see (outdated style).  Fireplace redesigns were HUGE in 2021 and are definitely continuing in…
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Renovation & Interior Design during COVID-19

WOW this time is TOUGH!  Thank goodness we at Distinctive Interior Designs are tied to the construction industry and are still able to work during COVID 19…though very carefully! How are we being careful?  Masks and limited staff on site at any time.  What are the biggest challenges?  Getting items delivered and shipped in a…
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Something Happy to Distract from COVID-19

Personal connections are really what we all live for.   Family, friends, memories–they are all so important, as well as feeling valued by others.  The COVID-19 shutdown has put a nasty squeeze on our ability to have all of those needs fulfilled (and set a lot of our nerves on edge).  Here’s something happy to distract from…
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5 Commercial Interior Design MUSTs

Acoustic trees with wave table
Let’s face facts:  the average professional employee spends well over 50% of their waking hours at work.  Creating an attractive office environment that is conducive to productivity is one of the best ways to keep employees happy and get the most ‘bang-for-the-buck’ out of those hours.  No wonder these 5 commercial interior design rules are…
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4 Great Paint Makeovers

fireplace brick whitewash
Can’t stand your fireplace….your powder room…your kitchen…your pantry?!?!  You name it, we can transform it with paint.  Want to see paint makeover in your home.  Check out these 4 great paint makeovers and dream on! Often we are asked to completed recreate a space, but the budget and/ or the time frame are too tight for…
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Alan Stull Commercial Interiors

Alan Stull Commercial Interiors logo
We’ve made the full-force leap into the commercial interior finishes world!  ‘How?’ you may ask.  Opportunity came knocking on our door–we bought Alan Stull Commercial Interiors.  ASCI has been in business for 61 years and serves the window treatments, flooring/ surfaces, furniture, acoustic panels, and interior finishes needs of real estate developers, nursing homes and…
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