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Every professional corporate office you enter, every eyecatching hotel room, every furniture store you visit, every restaurant you frequent, and every model home you see, has worked with an interior designer to create the perfect environment for people who enter or work there. The dynamic euphoria or professional ease you want your client’s or employees to feel when walking into your establishment can be created for your space by Distinctive Interior Designs and its affiliated company, Alan Stull Commercial Interiors.

Services/ products we deliver include:

  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Blinds, Shades (manual and motorized) & Shutters
  • Draperies/ Stage drapes
  • Commercial flooring (VCT, carpet tile/broadloom, luxury vinyl tile)
  • Acoustic panels
  • Furniture, including cubicles, reception area needs, and free-standing office & cafeteria furniture
  • Design / delivery of custom furnishings

Distinctive Interior Designs has seen their commercial business grow exponentially over the past few years. Many businesses in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania regions are looking to update their look, and Distinctive Interior Designs is happy to help! We have worked with hotels, restaurants, model homes for builders, corporations, funeral homes, and even gated communities, to name a few, creating the perfect ambiance that is not only inviting, but highly functional as well. Whether your business requires shutters, blinds, and window treatments, bedding, furniture, or a full renovation, Distinctive Interior Designs is ready and able to help. We have our own employees and a skilled list of subcontractors allowing us to deliver small to very large scale projects with non-union and pre-vailing wage labor.  ASCI and all of our subcontractors are fully licensed and insured in each particular field of expertise.

Give Your Commercial Space a Professional Touch

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Commercial Project with Alan Stull | Piscataway NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs
Alan Stull Commercial Interior finishes corporate design

Alan Stull Commercial Interiors

We are excited to annouce the 2018 acquisition of Alan Stull Commercial Interiors.  ASCI was started in 1957 and developed a reputation for oustanding customer service while working solely in the commercial interior finishes industry.  (Check out our blog announcement to learn more about this wonderful addition to our company and why we made the leap.)

Our historical commercial clients varied between small to mid sized businesses, not-for-profits, restaurants, funeral homes, builders, and hotel management groups.  Adding Alan Stull Commercial Interiors diversified our client base and increased the scope and depth of what we can deliver.    Take a look below to see the range of business types we now serve:

Woman-Owned Business & ISNetWorld

Not only are we more than qualified to aid in your commercial remodeling or design project, but we also are a woman owned interior design business. While this may not be important to the average business owner, it is helpful when working on state and government funded projects. We are a certified women/minority owned business and will gladly produce any and all paperwork needed should that be required to receive your allotted government grant or contract.

As well, we carry an A rating at all levels with ISNetWorld in categories of historical safety training and documentation, OSHA standards, and insurance levels to work on job sites for businesses that are privately owned small companies all the way up to large conglomerates.

As you look through your business and discover that you are in need of a new, fresh look, contact us to help make your project a reality. We will come out to your place of business and discuss your budget and your needs to make sure we are on the same page.  We can easily deliver small to large scale window coverings (the highest # of units to date is 5000 for one client), VCT/ Carpet Tile/ Luxury Vinyl Tile jobs (even jobs that take a month to complete like a recent project for a 30,000sf building), design/ delivery of custom reception desks, motorized track stage drapes, and acoustic panels for dedicated conference room facilities.   You name it, we can do it!

As well, we welcome a chance to submit bids for architectural firms and general contractors who are coordinating subcontractors and establishing budgets for large scale projects.

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Alan Stull Commercial Interiors A rated on ISNetWorld