Our Process

Holding your hand every step of the design journey!

Interior design is a journey, not just a process. Distinctive Interior Designs likes to take this journey as your design partner, helping you with every step of the way and guiding you to the best choices for your vision. The journey actually begins from the very first contact. Once we set up our first meeting, it is your turn to take the wheel, at least for a few minutes. This is when you get to peruse Distinctive Interior Design’s portfolio, create a digital ideabook or “tear out pages” in your favorite design magazines, and create a visual blueprint to communicate your “hopes and dreams”.

Our First Consultation

Our first appointment is our first impression of each other. It is the beginning of a beautiful partnership. This is your chance to lay out your ideas and our chance to take you to the next stage of the idea process, finding the perfect fit for your budget and home to make your ideas into your home’s design reality! This is the opportunity to create your dream home! The best part of this process is that you are the pilot (budget and style-wise), and Distinctive Interior Designs is your expert tour guide to the latest looks and best contractors, happily guiding you to amazing design destinations for any area of your home or business. And what better tour guide to have than one who is an award winning expert on today’s styles, products, and colors!

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the final steps

As we near the end of our journey together, we can step back and see what we have created, together. At this point in the journey, you have given us your thoughts on where you think you’d like to ‘travel’ and Distinctive Interior Designs’ amazing team has mapped out the perfect route delivered you to your destination. Now, it is time to invite your family and friends to “vacation” in your newly created space and take in the freshly designed beautiful scenery we have created. We can continue our journey together as needed, to create updates in the project or even remodel any room when needed.

If you are in Northern New Jersey, Southern New Jersey, or in the Eastern Pennsylvania area and are ready to create an interior design masterpiece, with the help of an experienced tour guide, contact us at Distinctive Interior Designs today.