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Complete Fireplace redesign

They said, ‘CHANGE it!!”  And we have…almost every inch of this home has been modified by our team BIG time!  This post is all about a complete fireplace redesign.

The old fireplace took over the room and, after finding just the perfect inspiration, our team demoed and redesigned the whole thing.  Take a look below to see where things stand right now.  We’re almost done…just the custom built-ins to be installed in 2 weeks time.  We can’t WAIT to show you!

Overpowering old fireplace vs inspiration

Family room fireplace before photo NJ interior designer Distinctive Interior DesignsBeautiful fireplace design | Cranbury NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs

Here’s the picture from the prior kitchen (these were from their real estate listing) and the ultimate design direction picture that’s inspired a TON of changes in this room (along with changes in 15 other rooms).

Just wait to see how it all is coming together…!

Out with brick–in with marble and glam!

Many variations were considered when working on this aspect of our client’s design needs.  They considered modifying the existing fireplace to create a double sided fireplace (with the walls on each side of this knocked out so you could walk through), or even possibly converting it over to gas.

The final decision — keeping it wood burning, but create an amazing built-in all around it.  COMING SOON!

(We’ve since completed this project.  Check out the end result.)

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