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Before pic Cape May Potbelly Stove | Distinctive Interior Designs | Cape May NJ

Fireplace Redesigns for 2022

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As we all sit inside trying to warm up during these chilly winter months, we get toasty and we gaze longingly at our fireplace.  Some of us like what we see (warm flames), and some of us can’t stand what we see (outdated style).  Fireplace redesigns were HUGE in 2021 and are definitely continuing in…

4 Great Bar Designs

Interior Design, Specialties
It’s that time of year!  Company is coming and with them, hopefully, tons of fun.  Where is the best place to entertain besides at the dinner table with fantastic food and conversation?  The bar, of course!  If you’d rather not go out to get to one, there are many ways to create a fantastic central…
Urban Loft Custom Built-in Desk | Philadelphia PA | Distinctive Interior Designs LLC

Closet System Home Office

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Being able to work from home is a dream come true for a lot of people in the greater Philadelphia area. However, many people who succeed find that home office organization is difficult – and finding the storage you need can be nearly impossible in a small home office. Creating storage in cramped areas can…
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4 Great Paint Makeovers

Can’t stand your fireplace….your powder room…your kitchen…your pantry?!?!  You name it, we can transform it with paint.  Want to see paint makeover in your home.  Check out these 4 great paint makeovers and dream on! Often we are asked to completed recreate a space, but the budget and/ or the time frame are too tight for…
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Complete Fireplace redesign

They said, ‘CHANGE it!!”  And we have…almost every inch of this home has been modified by our team BIG time!  This post is all about a complete fireplace redesign. The old fireplace took over the room and, after finding just the perfect inspiration, our team demoed and redesigned the whole thing.  Take a look below to see…
Ready to Knock out Kitchen Walls | Distinctive Interior Designs

Knocking Out Walls

Thank goodness this homeowner found us on  Because of that ‘chance’ meeting, we now have been getting to do what several friends of Distinctive Interior Designs have called our ‘best work ever!’  Of course, it also takes having a client who wants a tremendous change (like knocking out walls), a significant budget and having awesome contractors at…
Wrapped Driver's Side Designer Van | Marlton NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs

Bringing Great Products and Ideas to You!

In 3 months, I can officially say we have been in business for 20 years.  We are likely never going to have a retail store, but our whole philosophy has always been about bringing great products and ideas to our clients everyday.  As a pre-celebration and to give a BIG boost to the visability of…