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Welcome to Distinctive Interior Designs, LLC! My name is Nicole Lorber and I am the Owner and Lead Designer of this wonderful company.   I’d like to give you some great insight as to how our team works.  We have been helping clients bringing their style to life in their homes and commercial properties since 1998. We’re fun, energetic and creative, and work closely with each  client to allow them to “take the wheel” as we act as more of a guide during the process, bringing decades of experience to each project to get it done on time, and within budget!

No project is too small or too big! My team and I truly love working with clients and helping them transform their space into something with personality, great functionality and a little pizzazz! Whether you are looking to spruce up your kitchen or dining area, or you own a restaurant and want to create that special kind of atmosphere for your patrons, we got you covered!

What We Offer

How We Work


Our initial design consultation is where we get to discover a little information about you, your personality, and your sense of style in order to bring it to the forefront during the design process.


We’ll get right to work! We’ll start reviewing different types of materials & fabrics that fit your style and would work well within the space or spaces we’re designing for you.


Near completion of the project, we’ll review everything with you that we’ve done to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the outcome and are comfortable with your newly designed space!

Simple &


See why people choose Distinctive Interior Designs over anyone else.

See How Our Interior Design Projects Come to Life

As we work with clients, we’ll be documenting the journey along the way in order to give you a glimpse into our process and the outcome of projects we’ve completed. Whether they are residential projects like a family or living room, or bigger projects like a complete renovation or commercial property makeover, you’ll be able to see the transformation of the space from start to finish!

We’ll be continually updating these over time, so please follow along on our journey through the world of interior design with us… Distinctive Interior Designs.

Client Reviews

Read what people are saying about services and how we have helped hundreds of clients transform their homes and commercial spaces into works of art!