Interior Design

We help bring your personal style to the forefront!

Your home may be a blank canvas, or maybe it has too much of the prior owner’s preferences left behind. With our guidance and expertise we will help bring your personal style to the forefront, allowing you to feel pride every time you open the door for yourself or to welcome family and friends.

Distinctive Interior Design is not a one design fits all shop. We are interior design artists. Artists know that each masterpiece is unique and requires a personal approach. Your home is our blank canvas to bring out your style; with Distinctive Interior Designs guidance and expertise and our combined ideas we’ll bring your space to life.

Family & Living Areas

The Family and Living areas are the heart of any home. It is where you enjoy the most time with your family and friends and develop some of the best memories filled with love and laughter. These areas need to be welcoming and all about you, truly showcasing your personality! When working with you on these rooms we always ensure design recommendations are not only stylish, but also provide all the form and functionality you and your family need.   Click here to look at many more completed spaces in this category.

Kitchen & Dining Areas

If the family and living areas are the heart of your home, the kitchen and dining areas are the soul. So many memories are created while enjoying good food and wine at the dinner table–whether it be holidays, small gatherings, or even just the nightly family dinner. Food always tastes better when it is cooked with love and style! We are happy to help add the style to your kitchen and dining areas and you can add the love! We also make sure to guide you through the maze of options available on the market, ensuring the investment you redoing this space is as timeless as possible.

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Bedrooms & Bedding

Sweet dreams come from a calming space and happy thoughts. An inviting bedroom means you will more easily nod off to sleep as your close your eyes for the night. Whether you are looking to just spruce up the bedding in your bedroom, prepare the nursery for a new baby, or update a child’s room as they age and change their tastes, Distinctive Interior Designs will help create an environment that is easier to slip off to sleep in at night and feels wonderful to open your eyes to in the morning.

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Did you know that luxurious surfaces, counters, and fixtures are valued more in the bathroom than any other room in your home? Maybe it is because of the sheer fact that it is a bathroom and needs something of beauty for an otherwise purely functional space in your home. Or maybe it’s because luxurious bathrooms induce relaxation. Whatever the reason, it should be functional, interesting, and inviting (yes, your bathroom should be inviting)! Distinctive Interior Designs knows all the what, where, & why’s of all these products, at a broad range of price points, to give you that “WOW” look that you’ve always dreamed of.

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Furniture & Custom Built-ins

As a designer tour guide, Distinctive Interior Designs understands that it is essential to make the most of your space. We help you find the furniture and accent pieces that bring out your style while making the most of your budget. Whether you have the room for a large sectional or need a custom built-in to maximize the space in your home, we are happy to guide you in the right direction and have the perfect quality resources to make it happen.

Finishing Touches

Accessories, bedding, artwork, lamps, lighting, rugs, all sorts of tchotchkes – are an absolute necessity to make a space feel finished. Sometimes they are a means to an end and an integral part of starting a design project and other times they are the final pieces that make the space feel complete. Without them, you will likely find that your home is missing that certain “je ne sais quoi”. These statement pieces add the finishing touches that truly bring out the personality in your newly designed space. Without accessories your masterpiece is not finished.

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