Window Treatments

No room is complete without a finishing touch at the window!

Let’s talk windows! Distinctive Interior Designs began its design journey as a custom window treatment specialty firm. We know windows like most people know the day their children were born. Initially, custom window treatments were our sole existence and we excelled (even won a few awards). It was not until 5 years later that we expanded our brand–completing our first model home design. We learned all aspects of interior design using the same passion we applied to making custom window treatments.

Our Custom Window Treament Philosophy

The truth is, while we love to design every aspect of your home’s interior, we still have a soft spot for window treatments. Our philosophy is that without window treatments, your space is not ‘done’. Custom window treatments help connect the pieces of the puzzle (color and style) within your space and create visual flow. They are one of the finishing touches that are an absolute MUST—for sound absorption, a cozy or elegant feel, and a look of quality. The right window treatments will bring out the very essence of your home and help your design project become a true masterpiece!

Where Nicole Lorber Grew Up | Marlton, NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs
Nicole Lorber with Mom Daughter | Marlton NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs

Early Beginnings with Custom Window Treatments

I could spend all day telling you about my window treatment philosophy and my passion for interior design, but you will likely wonder why my philosophy is different than the competition. I think telling you my story will explain things best.

I began my journey at the age of eight, learning to sew from my mother and the importance of color from my grandmother who was an artist. My Dad also impacted my need to create by showing me the ‘building a home’ process as he worked on our family home. ‘If you want to live here, Nicole, you’re going to have to help too’, and he handed me a hammer (at the age of 7) to nail down my bedroom floor—and to keep me out of his hair.

While getting my degree at Cornell University, I thankfully happened upon the BEST degree EVER – Textile Design & Business Management. During the decade after graduating I had several corporate type jobs (Retail Manager, Banker, National Director of Marketing), but I knew early in my adult life that ‘creating’ was the only way I’d be truly happy. I started by making window treatments for my first home in my early 20’s. Ultimately, I combined my corporate experience and my creative heart, blending them together to start Distinctive Designs by Nicole, LLC (now called Distinctive Interior Designs). Once my friends and family saw what I was doing in my own home, they started asking me to make things for their homes. Since then, my business has grown, and while I LOVE what I do, it has been the sole lifeblood for my family for the majority of the time since its inception in 1998.

My first real full service interior design opportunity came when Bassett Furniture, who recommended me to their clients for window treatments, asked me to help decorate a 5,000 square foot model home. After the window treatments and furniture were in place, I knew it was now or never, so I told the builder that he needed to hire me to accessorize the model or it would look like furniture warehouse that just happened to have beautiful window treatments. That was the first time I worked with that builder; since then, they have hired me to do their corporate office, and every one of their model homes and apartment sales offices throughout New Jersey.

Now you know my journey…and how it’s brought me to helping you. 1998 was the birth of the business. Since then, I’ve pulled together an amazing professional team and helped clients recreate over 10,000 spaces. We love, Love, LOVE what we do, and hope it shows in our work every day!

If you are in the New Jersey (North or South) or Eastern Pennsylvania and are ready to begin your interior design project, contact us at Distinctive Interior Designs to schedule your consultation.