Renovation & Interior Design during COVID-19

WOW this time is TOUGH!  Thank goodness we at Distinctive Interior Designs are tied to the construction industry and are still able to work during COVID 19…though very carefully!

How are we being careful?  Masks and limited staff on site at any time.  What are the biggest challenges?  Getting items delivered and shipped in a timely fashion to ensure projects can be wrapped up wonderfully in an acceptable time frame.  We extend a BIG  thank you to our clients for being so patient during this challenging time!

What type of projects are we doing?  ALL of them!  Residential and commercial, renovation design/ project managment, interior design and blinds/ custom window treatments–the whole range.  Here are a few of them:

6 Years and then COVID!

Old brick fireplace for redesign

Gloria had been researching fireplace designs for literally 5 years and then FINALLY CALLED US!

At the first appointment, our lead designer, Nicole, told her that her ideas were great BUT they wouldn’t complement their 35 year old kitchen.  Long and short, Nicole has been helping her make all selections to redo everything in their kitchen (refaced cabinets, new backsplash & flooring, amazing new fireplace) since July 2019 (…yes, we will move at whatever pace our clients choose to make decisions comfortably).

Wouldn’t you know it:   within 1 week of them signing off on everything and all items being ordered, the Govenor of NJ opted to shutdown all retailers and asked people to work from home.  Thankfully, construction was still allowed to proceed at that point.  We did, however, ask them again, ‘Are you sure you don’t want us to pause your project?’  We got a resounding, ‘NO!  Please keep going…we want it done!’

Here’s some pictures along the way–Inspiration pic, Befores, Selections, AWESOME newly done fireplace!  The new floors are going in this week and will be a darker brown color.

We’ll update you as the project continues along, so, check back in from time to time to get the latest.

(By the way, we seem to have become an expert in fireplace redesign–top ranking in google searchs on those key words.  Here’s our blog from 2019 to see other fireplace design ideas.)

RUSH Interior Design

Mike & Ally were closing on their first real home on March 26, 2020 in the midst of COVID-19 shutdowns (before pics below), and needed lots of furnishings.  How the heck were they going to make it their dream home??!  They needed help…and we got the call.

DEADLINE–May 1, 2020, and all but 3 things out of 100 pieces are arriving on time.  You might wonder how we managed to pull that off.  1)  It took a lot of research as to which resources were still even open.  2) We dug into websites to see not only what worked for their style, but if the items were even in stock.   And 3) Lots of phone calls and coordination to get it all to a receiver and delivered on time.

Below are the design deck pages for each room.  Check back soon to see the BIG reveal.  Those pics will be posted after the delivery and the custom window treatments are completed.

Here are some other wonderful design projects we’ve completed recently.

Half Home Renovation

Heather and Nicole met back in October 2019 and started to brew up a LONG list of the things Heather wanted to modify in their home.  Key drivers:   her older parents needing to move in AND creating a grand entrance out of a side mud/ laundry room that everyone assumed was the front door.

The project started in February and has been done one segment at a time.  Our contractors are still working hard at making it all happen, but the laundry room has now been successfully moved to a large closet down the hall, lots of hall lighting has been added, and one of the large rooms was successfullly divided to create a home office/ kids play room.  Still in process:  creating that double door grand entry, and dividing the large room next to the garage into an in-law suite and mud room.

We’re getting there!  AND we’re doing everything to ensure construction is safe for our clients and all construction meets permit requirements for reviews once the township opens up again.

We LOVE doing what we do and hope it shows in this project and others  we’ve already completedContact us anytime (even during COVID-19) and we’ll get it done!

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