Blinds & Shutters

Light control, functionality & style all in one!

Blinds and shutters are a finishing touch that can be purely functional or an area to express your artistic flare. Yes, they are typically purchased to control light or add a privacy layer at the window, but many are truly beautiful! Some would think there is practically no artistic design encompassing blinds and shutters, but working with Distinctive Interior Designs to add this part of the puzzle to your space ensures you keep all aspects of the design of your space cohesive. Blind and shutter consultations are always free, yet you will learn more than you ever needed to know and feel confident with your final decision.

Our Approach to Your Blinds & Shutters

Distinctive Interior Designs approaches blinds and shutters with the same approach and passion we approach the rest of your home’s design projects. We believe in bringing the store, and the market knowledge, to you. You can enjoy a cup of tea while lounging on your couch, and shopping for the perfect blinds and shutters for your home with expert guidance. We bring all the books you would see in the store and samples for you to touch and feel, and even hold up to the window to get an understanding of how it will look and function in your home.

As a design firm, we are more than a retailer of blinds and shutters. We use them as part of our design technique and incorporate them into the entire finalized product. Because of our approach, we are able to provide our educated opinion regarding the products you are considering, steering you in a direction that would offer the best quality for your budget. Our goal is not to sell you a product, but to help you turn your house into a home.

Quality Blinds & Shutters at Your Fingertips

All of our design products and contractors are top quality. Since we know windows, we know Hunter Douglas is among the top manufacturers of blinds and shutters in nation. We are a Hunter Douglas priority dealer. Not to worry, if Hunter Douglas does not have the perfect blinds or shutters for your home, we offer many other options to provide your perfect layer for light or privacy control. No matter whose product you chose, you can trust that Distinctive Interior Designs will have it installed two to four weeks after you place your order.

If you are ready to start your trip on the blinds and shutter journey, contact us for your free consultation.