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Fireplace Redesigns for 2019

As we all sit inside trying to warm up during these chilly winter months, we get toasty and we gaze longingly at our fireplace.  Some of us like what we see (warm flames), and some of us can’t stand what we see (outdated style).  Fireplace redesigns have been BIG in 2018 and will definitely continue in 2019!

Want to join the revolution?  Check out 6 great options (and more)  below.  Ideas include stacked stone, buildouts with brick veneer, unique built-ins perfectly planned for mounting TVs, modern linear fireplaces, and even simply white washing of an old brick to make it new.

Check them out below and warm your design heart (and toes)!

Adding Texture

To STONE or not to stone?  That is the question.

The absolute most popular addition or modification to fireplaces these days is stacked stone and there are many wonderful textures and colors to choose from a bunch of resources, but qualities vary dramatically.  Poor quality stacked stones can cause labor for installation to double when the precut puzzle pieces have too much variance.  We’ve seen it happen and our installer wanted to ‘kill’ us!

Our recommendation–use Eldorado Stone.  It was voted the best stacked stone and brick veneer manufacturer in 2018.  (Your installer will thank us for the recommendation!)

Colorful Kitchen | Haddonfield NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs

(Note that these fireplaces were originally completely flat to the wall with no bump out at all.  If you want to see the befores for these, take a peek:  #1 pic and #2 pic.)

Build-out or Around?

Custom built media center and fireplace by NJ interior design firm Distinctive Interior Designs

Who says built-ins are ‘out’?!  With extra wall space comes the opportunity for a statement (and the chance for storage).  As well, a built-in can be used to add a fireplace when there is no chimney.  (Did you just read that correctly?  YUP!!)

Guess which one of these fireplaces is actually electric (and it looks fantastic and generates heat).  That same fireplace has cool columns that pull out for lots of mini-shelf storage.

Big statements like these are often more costly, but, BOY, do they add something amazing to a room!

Fireplace Custom Built in | Cranbury NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs

Moving To Modern

Linear Contemporary Fireplace | Princeton, NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs

Clean lined styles are big these days…including related to your fireplace!

Here are two great examples of ‘less is more’ (my honey’s favorite phrase of all times!).  The original version of these fireplaces was extremely traditional which was a mismatch with these homeowners’ style.  Simple, sleek, modern with just a touch of style and texture–now these are perfectly matched to the rooms they’re in!

(If you click on the image above you’ll see how dramatically we changed the above fireplace and the project surrounding it.  Distinctive Interior Designs helped them take that from ‘Grandma & Grandpa’s 1970s’ to 2020.)

Modern Fireplace Redesign | Princeton, NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs

Here are a few more great examples of looks we’ve helped clients achieve–from reinventing their current fireplace with white washing to blowing up good ol’ Betsy completely!  Call or email us if you’d like great ideas for your fireplace revolution…

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