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First impressions are VERY important–for people and businesses!  What’s at your front door or reception area helps perspective clients decide from moment they enter your space if they want to work with you.  Having the latest corporate look helps show clients that you are up-to-date with not just styles, but also the latest trends in your business.  That’s why we were hired to do this law firm redesign.

One of our key flooring resources suggested the wife of the senior partner at Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller call us to help when she was struggling to select flooring for their 20,000sf office in Cherry Hill.  She had been given the task and was feeling very overwhelmed!

Ultimately, our Lead Designer, Nicole Lorber, not only helped them make that decision, but also guided them through paint selections and new furniture/ finishings in 4 other areas to a complete new look.   End result:  their space now feels more professional AND makes their employees more productive (and happier) too!

Looked Great 25 Years Ago

Time marches on, and styles change with it!  Rightly so, Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller’s priority is, and always will be, representing their clients well.  But after 25 years, this firm’s main law office needed to be redesigned!

Issues included:

  1. When a client walked in, the reception desk and firm name were hidden behind a support post.
  2. They had realized they really needed improved reception area seating for waiting clients, an extra conference room, as well as a training room, but didn’t know exactly where to put it.
  3. The receptionist, who dealt with sorting all the mail that came in each day, didn’t have a professional way to ‘slot’ it and was using a cardboard mail slot system.
  4. And, finally, the employee cafeteria was a mish-mosh of prior tables from old collections of furniture which didn’t create a welcoming space for staff to relax during lunch hour.

New Stately Enhanced Space

Where to start? is often the question with this type of project.  After learning a bit more about their client base, the answer lay in the firm’s logo and it’s color scheme.  The blue and silver tone where used to establish a color scheme, but brown based wood tones were infused to provide a stately presence.

Thankfully, ownership of the property had changed and the new company wanted to ensure MW&M was really happy.  Distinctive Interior Designs, the firm owners, and the property management company jointly came up with a plan to enact modifications needed to recreate the firm’s space.  With these changes (literally knocking out and rebuilding walls) and a custom designed reception desk, a much improved entry area layout was achieved.  The firm name and reception desk now take center stage when a client enters.   As well, storage areas were utilized and refinished to create the extra conference room and training areas they needed.

Finally, the cafeteria was completely updated with all new floors, cabinets, paint, and more energizing color scheme.  We heard one lawyer comment to another as the staff kitchen & lounge furniture was being delivered that it looked like they were getting a ‘cool cafe’ put in for the employees to enjoy on their lunch break–music to our lead designer’s ears!

Before & Afters

Corporate Interior Design Firms | Cherry Hill, NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs

Reception area:  Can you see it?  The wall that now sits behind the reception area was completely revamped (flattened and new door location) allowing for the firm’s name to proudly and boldly show.  A custom reception desk now provides a professional (and funcational) look.  As well, there are now 3 separate seating areas next to each of the 3 conference rooms for perspective clients.

Conference Rooms:  Three distinct looks were created for each conference room with fresh and furnishings and coffee bars in the two larger ones.  (Note, the training room is next on the list.)

Cafeteria before photo commercial redesign NJ firm Distinctive Interior DesignsLaw Firm Staff Lounge Design | Cherry Hill, NJ | Distinctive Interior Designs

Staff Kitchen & Lounge:   New flooring, well thought out cabinets, modern blinds, and a fresh bright color palette make a world of difference!

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