Philly Urban Loft

Distinctive Interior Designs started helping this client almost from day 1 with their home!  There were no walls and no heat at our first appointment.  Making construction selections for this 6000sf urban loft / 6 bathrooms home alone had felt completely overwhelming for them.

Nicole and our team helped these homeowners with floor planning, establishing a design direction, and creating a line-by-line item budget.  We used a wide range of resources to stay within that budget for more functional items, but also utilized our specialty craftsmen to create certain key elements and add a ‘WOW’ factor worthy of this unique home.

The Kitchen

Cabinets, flooring, lighting, and layout were already decided upon by the time Distinctive Interior Designs got involved.  All that said, as we worked with the homeowner to establish a furnishing and style design direction it became obvious some of the original selections weren’t going to gel properly.  Nicole advocated for the homeowner by communicating necessary changes to the builder and ensuring the attached construction elements worked perfectly with the homeowner’s final vision.

This beautiful live edge table and bench were one of the very first items the client fell in love with.  Once these were selected, it was easily decided that green was going to be the key accent color in the entire core of this double story space.

The Great Room

This room is all about texture, functionality, uniqueness, and pops of color.  The grey and chartruese ikat pillow fabric helped get the ball rolling and carryover the color scheme of the kitchen into this space.  A key requirement for the sectional was to have a very durable fabric that was also really comfortable–performance velvet was the answer!

Custom pieces:  Since this double story area was a key focal point, the homeowner was agreeable to having a custom made floating console with gusset brackets created by our skilled cabinet maker and metal shop.  The interlocking black iron based walnut coffee tables were created by the same talented team.  Art is very personal, and, luckily, this client was willing to be hands on with helping Distinctive Interior Designs find just the right resource.  Nicole did, however, work very closely with the artist to ensure our combined vision for this commissioned piece was properly communicated.

The last part of the puzzle in this space was the stunning ledger stone wall…and, oh boy, isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!

Custom Work Spaces

SO many people work from home these days!  As a result, we’ve become very skilled at designing extremely functional and attractive areas out of seemingly unusable spaces.  Ideally, a homeowner wants to utilize every inch of their home and use it well!

The first of these two custom built desks occupies a space that was originally a closet.  Since Distinctive Interior Designs was brought in early, we were able to negotiate the removal of closet framing before sheetrock was hung–thus a perfect area for a desk was created.

The alcove where the second desk sits was initially considered for a variety of things — a murphy bed, built-in storage, and even a small lounge.  By putting our thinking caps on and using our CAD (computer aided design) tools, we communicated a concept to the homeowner to capture almost all these functional needs in one design.

Want to Get Started?

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