Modern 2 Liberty Condo

This client chose to work with an interior designer even though they happened to have already found the furniture they thought they’d like for their modern 2 Liberty Condo.

Our Lead Designer, Nicole, was referred to them by a prior client of Distinctive Interior Designs when Nancy & Marc just happened to bump into her at an open house.  The big reason they hired us after already falling in love with some furniture at a retailer is because they knew Nicole would only have the best interests of their design at heart.  As well, they knew other things besides furniture might need to be addressed to make their home perfect.

Where They Started

Location, location, location—and the VIEW!

Yes, Marc & Nancy were thrilled with the stunning views from their new home: amazing sunsets and the sparkle of city lights.  All that said, they needed furniture & art, and they were not thrilled with the wall colors, the flooring and the kitchen selected by the prior homeowner.  In the time leading up to buying their new place they had done some fun shopping and run across a few pieces of furniture that they loved from a local retailer.

Creating a Concept

After obtaining a retainer to guide them through their design selection process, Distinctive Interior Designs set up a designer discount relationship with the retailer (so their net price with Nicole’s advice would be almost the same as if they hadn’t hired a designer).

Nicole then did floor and budget planning, worked with Nancy & Marc to integrate the furniture they loved, recommended key accessories to develop a color scheme direction, helped with paint colors, suggested new lighting & flooring and even helped Marc get past his aversion for shag rugs.

Distinctive Interior Designs has even helped them establish a potential plan and design approach for when and if they want to renovate their kitchen.  At minimum, the backsplash will be changed…at maximum, the entire kitchen will be remodeled to brighten the space, increase the height of the cabinetry, and add an extra layer of much-needed storage on the outside of the half wall by the dinette set.

Sleek Modern Result

Here’s the end result!  Amazing new flooring to give the space an urban feel from the first footstep.  Fresh and lighter color walls to allow the view and new decor to be the star.  Sleek and comfortable furnishing that can be transformed to accommodate fun parties (the coffee table doubles in size and lifts to convert to a table, and the dinette table has a hidden leaf).  Great accessories to add pop and fun to an otherwise monochromatic palette.

Wow, WOW, WOW!

Want to Get Started?

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