11 Rooms… Almost Done!

Our Lead Designer, Nicole, had worked with this family in Monroe over 5 years ago just doing blinds for their sunroom and helping with paint colors. When they called this time, they knew Distinctive Interior Designs services had expanded to include a long list of things they needed help with–furniture, paint, tile, granite, specialty paint work, lighting changes, hardwood flooring (for their entire basement AND to fix a problem situation with a prior contractor), areas rugs, updates and almost complete overhauls in the kitchen and their kids’ rooms. We helped them with all of this and more even more, including designing/creating an awesome custom bar for the Man Cave!

Check out the before and afters of 4 of the 11 rooms that we did the most work in!

The Kitchen

The goal with the kitchen was to do a transformation without completely ripping out all of the cabinets. The client liked their cabinet color, but didn’t like the combo of the golden oak floors with their maple color cabinets. First big changes that were decided upon were to redo the floors with tile on a diagonal, do a beautiful backsplash, and change all the counters from Corian to Typhoon Bordeaux granite. Our Lead Designer, Nicole, suggested tweaking the island by doing corbels and beadboard on the sides and back to add personality and making it darker. Then we had our very talented specialty painter do a “wood” technique on the entire thing to shift it to a dark rich color. Final great touches included all new furniture, custom window treatments, a fresh paint color, and blinds.

Amy’s Room

Amy’s room had personality, but wasn’t cohesive. There were newly done hardwood floors in the space which looked fantastic, but the room now felt a bit bare. As well, several pieces of furniture (bookcase) were really just taking up space, and others (the desk and nightstand) didn’t tie in with the color of the rest of the furniture. With our guidance, Amy selected her bedding, paint color and window treatment fabrics, and then the rest just fell into place. We found this great ikat rug, suggested a cozy reading chair with lighting for a corner, some fun accessories (light up clip lights for pics, floating shelves, art), and had some of the furniture painted to tie it all together.

James’s Room

James room needed help… he had grown up and his room just didn’t show it. His love of the Cavelier’s was the starting point–Fat Heads helped too!! We had our specialty painter do the random width stripes on the headboard wall in the Cav’s colors on a neutral backdrop, and then used the same colors to create a custom cornice. A cozy rug, understated bedding, few great pillows, plus a new desk and great lighting were added to finish it all off!

Man Cave Bar

This family loves to host great parties and have lots of company to enjoy the games (they particularly the love the Browns). They wanted the Man Cave to look stellar, but weren’t sure how to get it there. The only thing they definitely knew they wanted was new hardwood floors. Beyond that, Nicole suggested maybe doing a custom bar. Jim LOVED that idea, but convincing him to do the stone wall detail took a bit more effort. In the long run Jim (and his whole family and group of friends) are loving the new bar with all its cool details, including the down lighting, chain suspended shelves, built in fridge and ice maker, plus the new comfy swivel stools.

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