Best Galley Kitchen

Narrow and long galley way kitchens can be challenging to create the best flow of space.  Working in partnership with this homeowner on great finishes, DiD helped bring the best possible floor plan to life in this Cherry Hill home.

Besides the challenge of a galley layout, the other key design issue we needed to take into account was the fact that the homeowner did not want to change the floor tile.  The key reason–demo of tile is very messy, and the existing tile was in good condition and reasonably neutral.  The big problem:  the tile was not installed under the old cabinets AND those cabinets had been deeper which left a 6″ gap on the flooring bare.  DiD worked with the homeowner to find a tile that was complementary to the entire design and all elements–a band of simple grey tile was installed in front of the toekick that allowed the white cabinets to ‘pop’.

DiD also helped Larry find a counter and backsplash that helped bring the touch of blue-gray from the floor tile up into the newly done space.  The key final touch in the kitchen area–a double waterfall in solid walnut on the island.   Last but not least, we designed the perfect dinette breakfast bench nook in the corner where the desk used to be and it fits his new round pedestal table fantastically!

WOW what a difference!!  (BTW, we also helped Larry redesign his family room and fireplace last year. )